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Diverse Construction offers roll off dumpster rentals in Oklahoma to fit the demands of your worksite. Whether you rent one dumpster or 30 of them, we provide transportation to the site and take care of dumping for you. Pickup and delivery can be scheduled around the needs of your project, at a frequency that matches your pace to ensure your project continues moving forward in a timely manner.

What Are Roll Off Dumpsters?

A roll off dumpster is a dumpster that is rectangular in size and fits on the back of a long truck. When you need an Oklahoma roll off dumpster, you call a company for the rental. Then, they take the truck to you and find the designated drop-off point. The driver lifts one end of the truck bed up, which causes the other end to slide down the bed and onto the ground. With the help of wheels, the roll off dumpster goes into place quickly and easily.

As soon as your roll off dumpster is full, you can call and arrange a pick-up. The process is convenient and saves you from needing to make endless trips to the dump. After pick-up, the roll off company will take the dumpster to the landfill or another debris drop-off location.

Typically, people use roll off dumpsters for construction and demolition work. However, you can use one for any of your disposal needs. Although all roll offs are similar, there are a few differences in design. While you could find an Oklahoma roll off dumpster that has a swinging door on one end, other dumpsters don’t have any doors. Before you order a dumpster, you should find out what type you will receive.

Materials We Provide Roll Off Services For Include:

  • waste pickup Oilfield Debris
  • waste pickup Sand, Gravel, & Rock
  • waste pickup Construction Debris
  • waste pickup Fill Dirt
  • waste pickup Broken Concrete
  • waste pickup Broken Asphalt
  • waste pickup Metal Scraps
  • waste pickup Wood Waste
  • waste pickup Solid Food Waste
  • waste pickup Glass
  • waste pickup Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste
Don’t see your materials listed above? Contact us to discuss custom solutions for your project. We offer small roll off dumpsters as well as larger ones in several sizes so you can choose the right size for your needs.


  • junk removal service 10 Yard
  • junk removal service 20 Yard
  • junk removal service 25 Yard
  • junk removal service 30 Yard
  • junk removal service 40 Yard
  • junk removal service 50 Yard

Dumpster Sizes

10 yard Dumpster
20 yard logo
25 yard Dumpster
30 yard logo
40 yard Dumpster
50 yard logo

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Roll Off Dumpster for a Day?

Are you interested in learning more about dumpster rental prices? Although the best way to get pricing information is to call us and speak with one of our staff members, there are a few things you should know about roll off dumpster pricing.


One of the factors that often effects dumpster rental prices is your location. If you’re in a remote area or you don’t have any local rental companies, your dumpster price will be higher. This is due to the travel time.

If you don’t have any dump locations near you, the cost will also be higher. When you speak with a roll off company, find out if they will charge you extra based on your location.

Debris Type

Certain debris types need to be dumped at specialty sites. Because this costs the roll off company more money, they may charge you more for the rental.

Before you order a dumpster, make sure the company even accepts your debris type. Then, ask them if there are additional charges for the waste disposal.

Length of the Rental Period

If you’re looking to rent a dumpster for a day, you can do so for an affordable rate. That said, the price per day usually decreases as the length of your rental period increases. For large jobs, you may want to rent for more than one day.

Before you make any decisions, you should give us a call at Diverse Construction. We can tell you more about your options and help you choose the best rental for your needs.

Cost of a Small Dumpster

The weight or size of your dumpster also matters. While some companies charge by the weight of your dumpster, others charge by the size. As you might expect, the smaller the dumpster, the lower the price. If you have a small job, you can get an affordable dumpster.

Cost of a Large Dumpster

A large dumpster will cost more than a small one. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from getting a rental. If you have a project that involves a significant amount of debris, the cost and time it would take to remove the debris on your own aren’t cost-effective. By renting a dumpster that’s large enough, you can save money.

Do you want to know more specifics about the pricing for a one-day rental? If so, click here for a free quote or call us.

Why To Choose Us as a Dumpster Rental Oklahoma?

If you’re looking for a roll off dumpster near me, you might not know where to start. Here at Diverse Construction, we want to make your search easy. Our company is your go-to for roll off rentals in Oklahoma.

We rise above the competition for several reasons. For one, we have affordable pricing. While other companies cater towards large businesses that don’t mind overpaying for rentals, we want everyone to be able to afford a dumpster rental. Whether you have a small job or a large one, we have budget-friendly prices.

We also stand out in that we accept a variety of debris. Instead of only taking construction debris or wood, we offer services for almost all debris types. This includes oil field debris and glass. If you have an unusual type of debris, you can call us and we’ll come up with a way to help you.

Finally, we strive to offer excellent customer service. Whether you’re cleaning your house or managing a construction site, our employees work hard to meet your needs. They aim to please and communicate clearly with you. To learn more about our commitment to you, give us a call.


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