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Land Clearing

Diverse Construction is equipped to handle projects of all sizes and demands, eliminating obstacles that stand in the way of your project goals. We have the heavy equipment and workforce available to get your project done quickly and efficiently.

Why You Need Land Clearing Services

Land clearing removes trees, stumps, brush, and other growth to best facilitate new uses of the land. Our services create the clear site you need to begin construction, and we do so quickly so you can get to work right away, meeting your deadlines.

We will assess the needs of your project and land, identifying vegetation and other materials in need of removal. We offer total land clearing services and selective clearing, allowing you to keep specific natural features if you desire.

Have a parcel that requires clearing? Contact Diverse Construction to discuss land clearing services. We work year-round to deliver the quality clearing services necessary to begin your construction project.

removing a tree


There are other reasons to hire someone for land clearing services near me. For instance, a neglected lot will quickly become covered in weeds and unsightly shrubs. Even if you don’t plan on building on the land, the unwanted vegetation could become an eyesore. By clearing the land, you can make your lot look more appealing. You also make it more valuable and increase your potential selling price.

Clearing also cultivates the soil. If you plan on using your land for agricultural purposes, land clearing is essential. The process leaves your soil covered with more nutrients and decreases the likelihood of weeds or erosion.

There’s also the safety factor. When a lot is overgrown, it could be a fire hazard. If there is a fire, your dead vegetation will catch on fire and spread the fire. But land clearing makes a difference. During the clearing process, dry twigs and leaves are removed. This reduced the chance of a fire, which keeps your property and everyone near it safe.

There’s another safety consideration. As trees start to die and rot, their limbs become brittle. They could fall down and cause harm to someone walking near your property, or they could cause damage to nearby structures. If you want to prevent harm or a lawsuit, you need to keep your property free of dying trees. The easiest way to accomplish this is to hire someone for land clearing.

Finally, land clearing is good for pest control. An uncleared lot has plenty of moisture and hiding spots for unwanted critters. Mosquitoes, rodents, and other pests will make themselves at home. If you want to make your lot less appealing to pests, you need to keep the vegetation to a minimum. That’s easy to do when you clear the land.

Our Clearing Services

We will assess the needs of your project and land, identifying vegetation and other materials in need of removal. We offer total land clearing services and selective clearing, allowing you to keep specific natural features if you desire.

Here’s a closer look at we do:

Project assessment

We’ll come to the site and do an assessment. As we inspect your property, we determine the best way to clear the land. Additionally, we take the time to find out about your goals and your plans for the property. Once we have all the information, we can create a plan of action.

Vegetation identification

There’s a lot of vegetation that can grow in an empty lot. While some of it is unwanted, some of it could be beneficial to have around. If you have any questions about the vegetation on your lot, you can ask us for help. We’ll help you decide what vegetation should stay and what should go. Our vegetation identification ensures that you know exactly what you’re getting rid of before you start land excavation.

Pre-construction clearing

Are you planning on building on a lot that’s full of brush and trees? If so, you probably need an experienced company to give you a blank slate. By relying on a company that specializes in land clearing, you can trust that the job will be done the right way at an affordable price. We have all the tools needed to clear the land quickly.

Total land clearing

If you want everything removed from your lot, we can do that for you. We’ll use the latest equipment to remove all debris and vegetation from your property. After we’re done, you can use the lot however you want.

Partial land clearing

In some instances, you may want to leave some vegetation on your lot. We offer selective clearing, which allows you to pick what stays and what goes. Our customized approach ensures that you get what you want.

The Benefits of Our Approach to Land Clearing

Here at Diverse Construction, we take a unique approach to land clearing. Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

Get year-round service

No matter what season it may be, we’re eager to take on your project. You don’t need to worry about working around our schedule; we’ll schedule the work when you need it done.

High-quality equipment

If you want the job done well, you need to work with a company that uses the right equipment. Diverse Construction uses the best tools for the job.

Fast service

Small companies don’t have the manpower needed to clear land on a tight deadline. Because we keep our company staffed with experienced workers, we can finish projects rapidly. We won’t hold up your project with missed deadlines.

Why Should You Work with Diverse Construction?

The first step of most construction projects is land clearing. If you want to start your project off on the right foot, you need to work with a company that won’t disappoint. Here at Diverse Construction, we know how much is at stake. We work hard to make sure we don’t miss deadlines, and we work just as hard to do the job well. When you work with us, you can count on starting off on a good note.

Diverse Construction delivers a combination of fast and effective service. If you need land clearing services, we’re here for you. To find out more about our services, contact us today.


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