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Diverse is dedicated to providing the best solution available

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Demolition and Haulage

demolishing a house

Demolition and Haulage

Demolition, Containment & Site Cleanup, Our fleet of tri-axle dump trucks is ready to meet your needs.

Roll off Rental

roll off rental in use near Ardmore

Roll off Rental

Choose your dumpster size: 10 Yard, 20 Yard, 25 Yard, 30 Yard, 40 Yard & 50 Yard

Land Clearing

tree cleared from land

Land Clearing

We offer total land clearing services and selective clearing, allowing you to keep specific natural features if you desire.


excavation in action


Our team performs heavy excavation, foundation work, erosion control, and more to prepare your site.

Commercial Construction

early commercial construction project

Commercial Construction

Diverse Custom Properties is a full-service general contractor offering expert commercial construction services and outstanding results for your business.

Industrial Electrical, Automation & Pneumatics

industrial electrical box

Industrial Electrical, Automation & Pneumatics

No matter your industrial electrical needs, our certified professional electricians work safely to perform top-quality work.

Pipeline Right-of-ways & Maintenance

pipeline access clearing

Pipeline Right-of-ways & Maintenance

Diverse Construction offers excavation services for pipeline right of way installation and access. We can clear difficult paths to deliver the equipment access and safety.

Welding Fabrication

welding in action

Welding Fabrication

We are capable of performing complex fabrications for a variety of industries, working with various metals.


High-quality, cost-effective commercial construction and jobsite solutions by Diverse Custom Properties

We deliver quality

We take the time to understand the needs and concerns of every client, so we can provide the best solution possible.

Always on time

Special conditions and constraints are no problem – We’ll figure out a solution that meets your needs while meeting all applicable safety and environmental regulations.

We are Passionate

Everyone at Diverse Custom Properties is dedicated to finding the best solution to the problems our clients have.

Professional Services

21 years of experience in construction and demolition, with over 39 years’ experience with industrial electrical and automation.

Qualified Commercial Construction Specialists

Diverse Custom Properties is a fully licensed and insured general contracting company performing outstanding work in construction, demolition, and industrial electrical work. Led by a 21-year veteran of the industry,

We are committed to quality, and our crew members undergo continuing education and training to stay current on the latest best practices to best serve our clients.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

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